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REPAIRING RELATIONSHIPS (from within the framework of giving an ‘A’)

Family relationships can be some of the most difficult ones we experience. Often we are at a loss to find a satisfactory resolution for all concerned. This roundabout of win/lose scenarios … Continue reading

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Would you consider giving yourself an ‘A’ in an area of your life where you felt reasonably competent but knew  there was room for improvement? How would this change how … Continue reading

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Season’s greetings to all my readers. May you enjoy the Christmas festivities and the company of those who are near and dear to you. Many are very tired of the … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable Feelings- a survival issue

In the last blog, The Game of Life- how well do you play? I wrote, ” Most people resist an unwanted condition with all their might. There is no room in their … Continue reading

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THE GAME of LIFE – how well do you play?

Likening life to a game is not a new idea. Approximately 4oo years ago, William Shakespeare made an unusual observation. He said, “All the world’s a stage And all the … Continue reading

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The freedom line provides clarity at those times when we are stuck in particular emotions and are unable to see our part in them. The freedom line is a continuum numbering … Continue reading

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MANTRA- a useful tool

I am always on the look out for prayers that are meaningful to me. Recently, I rediscovered a mantra in Jean Houston’s book, Godseed, The Journey of Christ, which appealed … Continue reading

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