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Love, what is it all about?

What does love mean to you? We have heard  phrases like….. love makes the world go round…. all you need is love….. God is love….. love your neighbour….. love yourself….. love hurts.

According to poems, pop songs and operatic themes, love is gained, lost, taken away and killed for. Then there is unconditional love and religious themes concerning love. The Macquarie dictionary lists 16 definitions of love. How confusing!!!!

The love I want to explore in this blog is the type that helps you find your way to your authentic self.

The approach focuses on you and your development as a person. The aim is to make you aware of the power you already possess  and therefore help you to grow as a human being. In effect, this means that you are encouraged to value yourself AS YOU ARE NOW- not as you will be at some time in the future. Building a better relationship with yourself will naturally carry over to your relationships with other people. For example: when you become more peaceful with yourself, you are able to bring more peace to others.

So, what is this power that you already have? The power is encapsulated in the qualities you possess. The qualities by which you live your life. These qualities are your INNER WEALTH. Reflect for a moment on the role these qualities play in your life and assess what their value is to you and others. It is easy to appreciate the qualities we feel good about. However, if you have a quality that has been active, even a little, put it on the list. It is good enough to be counted. For example: If you listed ‘patience’ as one of your qualities but on reflection remember that you are not always as patient as you would like, you may be inclined to eliminate patience from your list of qualities. Leave it on your list.

The next step is to appreciate the value each quality has. The challenge is to step back from judging how well you use the quality or how much you should be using it. Just APPRECIATE  it.

Do you have some degree of sincerity, thoughtfulness, kindness, patience, truthfulness, toughness, humour, enthusiasm, generosity, calmness, outgoingness or acceptance, just to name a few? Please know that these qualities are a part of your consciousness; how much do you CARE for them?

It may be helpful to think of your qualities as your’ team’ mates. How is your ‘ team’ operating?  How well do you all get on? How do individual ‘players’ feel? It is up to you to either care for your qualities or neglect them. What are you going to choose? The value of doing this exercise increases according to the sincerity with which you welcome these qualities as an integral part of you.

Now that you have your inventory organised, Let’s do APPRECIATION.

Have you ever enjoyed a spectacular sun-set or a scene from nature that has blown you away? Have you heard awesome music or seen amazing art and been transported to another place? Often there are inadequate words but there is a FEELING. There is a glow, feelings of joy and awe at the fabulous-ness of life! This feeling is the stuff of appreciation. This feeling is the  transformative tool. Revel in your qualities even in the small ones. Enjoy them.

This is not a brag fest but a heart brain connection being activated which is having a positive impact on you and your consciousness.

A note about intention: The most important thing about practising appreciation is your intention to do so. Not everyone is able to retrieve ‘mind blowing’ feelings at will. If you can bring a feeling of reverence and wonder to the practice of appreciation, it will be enough.

So, with your list in front of you, consider each quality in turn. Tell each quality what you appreciate/love about it. When you come to a quality that you have least of, the temptation is to downplay that quality. For this exercise, see this quality as trying really hard to play a role in your ‘ team’. Are you able to appreciate the contribution it makes? Do you have a new respect for the effort that quality is making?

Appreciation is not an exercise in positive thinking. You are not issuing commands to your consciousness and demanding that it change.

When you appreciate your qualities, you are giving attention to what is present in your consciousness right NOW. You are not judging your qualities. You are appreciating them……ALL OF THEM WITHOUT EXCEPTION. You are giving kind, loving attention to the members of your ‘team’. You are looking after your INNER WEALTH.

The idea is this, if you add value to your life as it is (by practising appreciation) the benefits that come back to you can be extraordinary.

You become your own best friend who supports and appreciates you, no matter what.

I invite you to try appreciation. It is my hope that you can easily relate to this form of LOVE in your life.

Be kind to yourself.


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