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Getting started with Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a journey of self discovery. Two of the thoughts that  both intrigued and overwhelmed me were the many problems I needed to solve and the confusion about where to begin. I must admit that I was looking to get this personal growth stuff ‘ sorted ‘ quick smart. It did not happen that way.

I am glad to report, that coaching changed my life for the better. I still find the work exhilarating and deeply challenging. I am constantly surprised and delighted by the rich source of information /insight my consciousness provides me.

Remember the saying, ” When life delivers lemons, make lemonade” ?

“Yeah, right!” do I hear you say?

Well then, consider this; a recipe for lemonade

A recipe for lemonade involves cutting and squeezing lemons; grating rind and discarding skins. Lastly, adding water and sugar to make a refreshing lemon drink.

The lemonade recipe is a reasonable metaphor for what happens when you decide to deal with a problem via the life coaching model.

Instinctively, we try to protect ourselves from any more hurt. It seems unthinkable to use this raw situation as ‘the stuff of learning’ but it is exactly that. It is a perfect opportunity to take up the challenge to explore another perspective. It is totally worth it.

Let’s make lemonade.

Cut the lemons: You are hurt and confused or devastated.

Squeeze the Juice: It takes courage to ” squeeze” the situation/ circumstance to see what ”  juice” is present. At this stage the juice may be quite bitter.

Grate the rind: The ‘zest’ will give your life a richer life experience.

Discard the Skins: Identify the old habits that are no longer of service.

Add Water and Sugar: The new knowledge and skills gained by going through the process will ‘sweeten’ your life.

The moral of the story: Your life is such a wonderfully rich source of self knowledge. Sure, some ‘squeezing’ and ‘ cutting’ needs to be done in order to get to the juice and that zing that will give you more zest for life. BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT.

In fact, you are your greatest resource. Getting to know your resources (qualities by which you live your life) is the first step to a life that can be lived more richly. Even if you judge yourself to have only a little of a desirable quality, acknowledging it and giving it positive attention will help it grow.

Be assured in the knowledge that you have what it takes to meet your challenges………and go make lemonade.

Be kind to yourself,



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