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Truth, according to the Macquarie dictionary is defined as, ” that which is true; or actual facts of a case; or conformity with reality”.

Also, from another source, Truth is about observing what is present ( without fear or favour).

You have probably heard of the saying, ” The truth will set you free.”

If you consider that truth is an important principle by which to guide your life, please read on.

Being able to tell yourself the truth about any situation is an important life skill. Your capacity to enjoy  life is linked directly to your ability to look at life honestly and then to add some value to it (appreciate what you find).

Telling yourself the truth requires honesty and a level of fearlessness. You need to be able to face yourself as you are, rather than as you would like to be or as you think you ought to be.

So, why is being honest with yourself so hard to do?

Most people are afraid of what they might find. In other words, they have made some judgements about their performance/ about their qualities (inner wealth) or the lack there of and do not want to make themselves more miserable. The key to being truthful with yourself is to love and appreciate yourself as you are, in the first instance (See post entitled, What is love?) A person who does not appreciate the qualities he/she possesses will find it very difficult to be truthful  about him/herself.

In this life coaching approach, doing appreciation goes hand in hand with truth. The more you appreciate who you truly are, the more you are able to face yourself honestly. Practising being truthful and loving with your self will have positive repercussions in your own life and in relationships with others. Because you are the centre of your life, learning how your ‘ base of operations’ works is imperative to living a richer life.

The good news is that instead of stumbling through life and being at the mercy of old habits, you have the opportunity to know yourself and how you operate; to appreciate/love the effort you are putting in; drop limiting judgements and change some beliefs about yourself. As a result, the capacity to enjoy your life will increase.

By being truthful with myself I have found that I am less dependent on the people around me or on external circumstances for my own happiness and peace of mind. Do I ever stress out? Of course I do! Do I have venting sessions with friends? Y-E-S! While we are alive, we are all’ works in progress’.

I like what Marianne Williamson has to say about this issue. She says- once you are done telling about what someone did and how it affected you and how you feel, you need to stop your fascination with the drama of that event. My version of stopping the drama is to do the truth about what I really feel. By reviewing my feelings, I get insight into an area of my consciousness that needs some value added to it (love/appreciation/care/kindness) When you can take care of yourself like this, dramas pass more quickly and equilibrium is restored.

Some situations present themselves for healing at regular intervals. That does not mean that you are not making progress. It means that there is more work to be done. Some situations have many layers and each layer may need addressing.


To contact this power, you do have to find a little courage. But, once you do, you might find like I did, that most of your fears are ‘paper tigers’ and when faced head on they crumple like the paper they are. So, here’s the corollary: until faced, the ‘ paper tiger’ controls that aspect of your life.

Ask yourself the question, How many of your responses to others or to external situations are controlled by ‘ paper tigers’ ?

Remembering to tap into your power is an enormous advantage. Upsets have a way of catapulting us into the past or into the future. Neither place is conducive to solving problem or gaining insight. By stepping back and taking a breath, we are returned to the present moment where our power resides. We are more able to consider the facts instead of being derailed by opinion.

A note about Opinions and Reality: One of the things that can trip people up when dealing with their own behaviour or that of others, is assumption. Assuming that something is true and treating it as fact when in reality it is an opinion, is a trap.

Consider the statement: My brother does not care about me because I have rung him and left messages but he has not returned my calls. What are the facts here?

Fact: I called my brother.

Fact: I left messages.

Opinion: He does not care about me.

It might feel like the truth but it is an opinion; a judgement made because calls were not returned. When opinion is regarded as truth, reality is the loser and imaginings gain the upper hand.

What do you think is going to help you in life, dealing with fact or dealing with your own fiction?

This approach to life coaching works when the principles on which it is based (LOVE AND TRUTH) are PRACTICED. You actually have to do the work. Just thinking about it won’t get the job done. The more you appreciate your qualities (inner wealth) the more honest you are able to be with yourself.

I encourage you to discovering more of who you truly are ( which is AWESOME) and that’s a fact!!!!!

Be kind to yourself.


One comment on “Truth

  1. Jennifer Masters
    July 25, 2013

    From experience and applying what I have learned, Teresa knows what she is talking about. Gaining knowledge is a powerful thing but then you have to apply it. What I have learned from Teresa is that until you get to the heart of an unresolved issue (one that keeps biting you in the rear end) it will keep doing so. BUT, the minute you find the underlying issue and deal with it, the problem no longer exists, resolves itself within and stops being an issue.

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