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Consciousness has been described in many different ways. It has been called awareness, self knowledge, the sum total of aspects of self, Being, and spirit, to name a few. I want to offer three images of consciousness. Maybe one will resonate with your experience.

The first image is that of family; you as the carer; your qualities as your children. For example, qualities like trust, cooperation, good will, generosity, humour, discernment- everyone’s list would be slightly different. These qualities belong to you and are dependant on you for nurture. The qualities that are considered ‘good enough’, probably get enough kudos already. What about those qualities that come in smaller amounts? What about them? How much care or attention is devoted to them? Are they swept aside as being of little or no consequence even though they are contributing to your life?

Being a parent, the image of likening my qualities to children was particularly powerful especially when I realised how critical I had been of some of my ‘lesser’ qualities! Some I had discounted considerably and with others, I had been scathing. My desire to be a loving parent helped me to see my ‘lesser’ qualities in a different light and to understand the dynamics that my actions set into play within my own consciousness.

It made me realise that I had to accept the whole of me, not just the parts I deemed acceptable. The welfare of all my qualities was up to me!

The second image of consciousness is that of a garden. Plants of varying sizes are growing there. The plants in this instance are the qualities in your consciousness. In order to have a lush, healthy garden, some work needs to be done. The plants need love (water) and truth (light) for growth. I encourage you to visit the garden of your consciousness and nurture EVERYTHING you find within. When you love ALL the qualities (plants) you have, it is a pleasure to look after them.

The third image likens consciousness to a series of bank accounts. The qualities within your consciousness are your inner wealth. If you have done an inventory of your ‘accounts’ you will know how much has been deposited in each one. (For more information on compiling an inventory of inner wealth, please refer to blogs entitled, Love, what’s it All About? and Truth.)

Ask yourself whether you would only be interested in the accounts that are performing well or would it be worth your while to keep a close watch on all your accounts? Would you be likely to write off an account because it only had $500 in it? Surely, every bit of your financial wealth is an asset? So too with your qualities, every bit is an asset; YES, EVERY BIT!

Eckhart Tolle, author of, A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s Purpose, has an interesting quote which fits well with the image of consciousness as inner wealth. He too encourages the care of consciousness otherwise…..”you are then like an apparently poor person who does not know he/she has a bank account with a $100 million in it and so this wealth remains an unexpressed potential.”

Consider allowing all your potential to shine forth into the world.

I encourage everyone to care for all the qualities (inner wealth) they possess. The more sincerely we are all able to welcome every quality, the more we will be accessing our authentic power, strengthening our spirit and enhancing our well being. We will be less attracted to seeking the support and approval of others when we practice love/appreciation and truth; when we deal honestly and lovingly with ourselves.

There is great value in that.

Be kind to yourself


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