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Recently I was re reading a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks entitled, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles all Cooperative Relationships. In this book, Esther and Jerry claim, ” All things that happen in your experience come because of the requests that you are sending in your thoughts.”
How intriguing.
The Hicks’ claim that the Law of Attraction operates in the following way:  positive thoughts attract positive results and negative thoughts attract negative results and whilst I have over simplified their assertion, in essence, it is true.  They suggest  that thought is a form of vibration. They say that once a request has been ‘fired off ‘, the non physical part of you (your soul/ Inner Being) immediately assembles all the elements of your request and holds them in readiness (in vibrational form). Your job, then, is to do everything in your power to align yourself with this vibration.
It would appear that our thoughts/requests are constantly being processed and up-dated; the positive requests and the doubts(which most of us don’t consider to be requests). If we do the maths,  a graphic depiction of what might be happening in our “vibrational reality” presents itself. For example, we send in a positive request( We need more money) Let’s call this request +1, but then feel worried or depressed about how little of it we have(focusing on lack of money) this is -1. So +1 and -1 brings us to zero. A request has been received and the same request has been cancelled or at best postponed!
I decided to apply this rule of attraction to my request about winning Lotto and examine all my thoughts about the lottery. If what Esther and Jerry say is true, then I must be giving more attention to the fact that I have not won any money. I knew that I was regularly disappointed when the ticket checking machine flashed its ominous message, “You are not a winner,” but I thought I was doing a reasonable job staying positive. What became abundantly clear, was the amount of time my thoughts were aligned to ‘not winning’. My doubt and disappointment was cancelling or postponing my request over and over again because the Law of Attraction does not discriminate or filter out negativity. It is inclusive of all requests. Rats!!!
Consider the person who sincerely requests a harmonious family life. This desire grows out of a lack of support, care and commitment within the family.
If such a person were waiting for the Law of Attraction to bring them caring people but was continually focused on the lack of caring and support, then not much progress would be achieved.” You get what you think about whether you want it or not.”
So dear readers, if you have an unrealised request, I would encourage you to examine your thoughts and see if you are a ‘vibrational match’ to what is being requested. Remember, the Law of Attraction will let you have whatever you are thinking about whether you want it or not!

The good news is that once a request has been made , it is held in our vibrational reality till we are ready to receive it. So, if your request has not manifested in your life just yet, maybe its time to clean up thoughts about unworthiness, disappointment and envy. In the meantime, if I find
a filter button for the Law of Attraction  I will let you know!
Be kind to yourself


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