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I am beginning with some recapping of the last blog, You Get What You Think About Whether You Want It or Not.

Esther and Jerry Hicks (authors of, The Vortex Where the Law of Attraction Assembles all Cooperative Relationships) describe the place where all our desires/requests go to be processed as ‘the Vortex of Creation’. I have also heard it referred to as ‘Central Casting’. You may want to take a few minutes to get a feel for what the Vortex or Central Casting may look like or feel like. The more I thought about the job description of Central Casting/ Vortex, the more it seemed like Central Casting/ Vortex acted like events planners/managers.

What might events planners/ managers take into consideration when planning to deliver an event?

1. The request

2. What needs to be done

3. Outcome

Request:  Central Casting has received your request and is waiting for the details.

What Needs to be Done: Write down the details surrounding your request. Central Casting LOVES details!!! The more detailed the better. Remember, if you haven’t specifically requested it, Central Casting may send you the next best thing, a chance you will have to take.

The more significant the request, the more likely that it will bring up certain ‘ stuff’ ‘; you may have doubts about being deserving or worthy of such a request. These doubts need to be addressed so they do not become barriers to receiving. Some people do not recognise their  their resistance. Buying a lottery ticket and then saying that you never win anything might be a way of protecting yourself from disappointment but is not helpful in the scheme of things. If we accept that our postponed requests are evidence of resistance, then becoming aware of these blocks is well worth the effort.

The Hicks’ claim that if you have been really clear  about what you want, then your work after that is to stop doing that thing you do that prevents you from receiving. That ‘thing’ might be feeling impatient, discouraged or jealous etc. Many of us have developed the habit of complaining when what we want has not appeared according to our time line. The challenge, say the Hicks’, is to control the direction of thoughts. We need to stay positive in the knowledge that Central Casting is in the process of delivering the request.

Outcome: If you have done the ‘work ‘ above, then according to the Hicks’, Central Casting has no choice but to deliver your request because that is how the Law of Attraction is set up.

There are many detailed books on how to reach your expressed goals  and desires. We can be given all sorts of strategies and plans for creating what we need or want in our lives. All of these strategies applied consistently will produce results. BUT….. and here’s the stumbling block…..UNLESS you are developing a loving relationship with yourself, all other strategies will produce patchy results, eventually.

The premise that the Hicks’, and many other people who care about spiritual growth, strongly support is that there is no relationship greater than the relationship between you (the physical body) and You (the soul/Source/God/consciousness) from which you have come. If you look after this relationship first and foremost, you will be building the stable foundation from which to proceed into any relationship (with your work, your health, your finances, your partners, your parents, your children, etc.)

In order to build this foundation, learning about and practising APPRECIATION is a must. I wrote about appreciation in my blog in August 2013, entitled, Love, What is it all About? I wrote about Appreciation as a transformative tool which affects consciousness. The Hicks’ state that by practicing appreciation you will,” …experience the absolute absence of resistance, of achieving complete alignment with all that you have become and all that you desire…..There is no more important object of attention to which you must flow your appreciation than that of self.” Then, this sobering statement, “The habit of thought or belief that holds most people outside of their Vortex of Creation, more than all the other thoughts put together, is the lack of appreciation of self.”

Practising Appreciation is not about  bragging or comparison. It is the state of allowing yourself to experience your qualities and your flaws, your whole self, without any resistance, i.e, no opinion or judgement. In fact, appreciation of pets, music, art or nature will evoke this feeling of non resistance as well. What a great feeling with which to flood yourself on a regular basis. It will allow you to see your relationship to every aspect of your life in a softer but richer way.

In conclusion, may I encourage you all to ask for what you truly desire and if Central Casting isn’t delivering quite what you say you want, check the details of your order. In the meantime, practise as much appreciation of your whole self as possible. Your life will become more abundant as a result.

Be kind to yourself.


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