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I would encourage you to find the little book of quotes by Kim McMillan, When I loved Myself Enough. Each saying shows an amazing amount of insight and self knowledge.

Today I am using the following entry: When I loved myself enough, I came to know my own goodness.

When you say those words out loud, do you:

– breathe more deeply

– feel yourself relax

– have a softer view of yourself and the world

– begin to appreciate the richness that acknowledging your goodness brings

-have the feeing that all is right with the world

OR….. do you become uncomfortable, a  little irritated and

-just don’t want to hear about it

– begin listing your shortcomings

– discount the goodness you do have

– feel disconnected from this quality

Developing a relationship with all your ‘shortcomings’ will allow you to access the very quality you are denying and then….. guess what? When you do welcome and accept those shortcomings……..your goodness will emerge naturally………. and………take a bow!

Regularly appreciating your goodness will help it grow.

Regularly appreciating your goodness will make it more accessible to you.

Regularly appreciating your goodness you will feed your spirit.

Give it a go!

Be kind to yourself.




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