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Hello Readers,

You might like to check out articles from WeWorkMagazine which is described as a ‘new kind of publication for creators’. Find it at http://www.wework.com

I would like to comment on an article entitled, Saving time by doing less. I’d like to pick up on the strategy of feeling free to say ‘no’.

Many people, especially women, feel trapped by social mores to keep giving beyond what they consider reasonable. Some people learn that always saying ‘yes’ negates selfishness. This is not true.

If you tend to be a pleaser, you run the risk of building resentment and of exhausting yourself.

Why not consider this suggestion.

As a ‘giver’ you have the quality of generosity as an inner resource. Treat this as you would a deposit in an energy/willingness bank account. The deal is that you only ‘spend’ from what you have. Your ‘balance’ in that account will not remain static. It will depend on what you have spent and how much you have put back. By not over spending, you cannot get into ‘debt’ and consequently into resentment.

It is a win/win situation.

Be kind to yourselves



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