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Accountability: the art of getting out of your own way

A current article in  WeWork Magazine entitled, Don’t Get in your Own way: 7 tips to hold yourself accountable, reminded me that encouragement to stay on track can pop up anywhere- even in business plans, as long as we are open to receive it.

Running your own business is not that much different to running your life, in many respects. The following quote from the article, fits both situations:

” If you are not crystal clear about setting intentions, you can’t get upset with anyone but yourself if you don’t get the results you want.”

The article concludes with, ” Ultimately, you are the one responsible for the success of your business ( or your life…my addition). So before you tell yourself that you can’t improve, start taking responsibility for your actions and move towards making positive changes.”

This tip is as pertinent to running a business as it is to running your consciousness ( and therefore, your life). Responsibility is a mantle some people find too heavy to bear and consequently choose the more familiar option of blaming others for what happens in their lives. Whether you are 19 or 90, nothing will improve unless you take responsibility for your actions. It’s akin to getting behind the steering wheel of your car and driving it in the direction of your intended destination. Unless you turn the steering wheel on purpose and use the accelerator and brakes, you may well stay in the same place. There is little point in ‘ a-wishing and a-hoping and a-thinking and a-praying’ for a different result unless you take some positive action.

Our own fears and the resultant  insecurity  or the attitude of entitlement are often the cause of not achieving what we want . Getting out of our own way is  quite challenging and does require a fair bit of self awareness and non judgement to be able to accommodate/accept responsibility for what has been created. At times it is difficult to see what your part in it has been.

However, if you persevere searching for the truth with loving intent, you will remember incidents that will have a bearing on the present situation. And then you get to see how (as a mental creator) you played or are still playing a part.

Just remember, you can only get out of your own way when you realise you are in it….. and a ruckus at work or in a relationship is a pretty good sign.

Be kind to yourself


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