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Here is another quote from Kim McMillan:

When I loved myself enough, I quit wishing my life looked some other way and began to see that as it is, my life serves my evolution.

It would seem that everything that happens to us does so for a purpose…..to serve our growth.

Many metaphysicians claim that there is order in the Universe and that everything happens for a reason.

It is also recommended that we find an equal amount of space within our consciousness for both difficulty and easejoy and sadness etc. The challenge then, is to live through the difficult time with an attitude of curiosity all the while trusting that the Universe, God, Life Force etc. is showing us the areas that need our attention.

I have great admiration for people who have made room for every situation that faces them; good, bad or indifferent and they have done this with equanimity. They are able to face reality in whatever guise it appears. They have learned to trust the process of life.

The attitude that keeps the rest of us mere mortals from achieving this level of acceptance is our resistance which is fuelled by fear. Resistance is characterised by impatience ( I want a resolution, now, not at some time in the future); procrastination (I will attend to this later); complaining and whining (It is sooo unfair). We don’t have to look very far in order to find the fear behind the resistance. For example, the statement,” I have been unwell for long enough. I have looked after my health. I don’t understand this. It is so unfair. What is happening to me? ” highlights resistance fuelled by fear. Fear feeds on the unknown; on circumstances that appear to be beyond our control. The reason for our sojourn on Earth is forgotten under these circumstances. We have very little room for uncomfortable situations. We don’t know how to handle them. We feel lost.

So, if resistance and fear do not help us face reality, what do we need to be aware of ?

We need to question our thoughts.

Louise Hay reminds us that we have, “ foolish ideas about who we are and many, many rigid rules about how life should be lived.” She also suggests that difficulties are JUST areas that we haven’t mastered yet and hence need to work on. It’s as simple as that!!!!  No need to be upset…we’ve just bumped into an area we haven’t mastered! It is not a reason to berate ourselves or blame others.

Louise says, “When people come to me with a problem, I don’t care what it is – poor health, lack of money, unfulfilled relationships or stifled creativity – there is only one thing I ever work on, and that is LOVING THE SELF.


Being at ease with life requires being at ease with ourselves. Being at ease with ourselves requires self love.

When I loved myself enough I quit wishing my life looked some other way and began to see that as it is, my life serves my evolution.

Be kind to yourself

Kim McMillan: When I loved Myself Enough

Louise Hay: You Can Heal Your Life




One comment on “LOVE AND EVOLUTION

  1. Mridul bedi
    July 28, 2015

    Thanks for writing 🙂 truely inspiring 🙂

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