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The notion of ‘acceptance’ that is in common use bears little resemblance to its true meaning, so it was refreshing to read the following quote sent to me by a friend:

Accepting what is, does not mean that you have to embrace, approve of or enjoy it.

It means that you no longer turn it over in your mind or fantasize about how it could or should have turned out differently.

Take your power back.

Let go of the past, focus on making the best of what is.

This is an  excellent piece of advice and comes from Cynthia Occelli (www.facebook.com/life blog).

There is a lot of wisdom contained within this quote. Wisdom is gained through trial and error and requires courage to handle the compulsive thoughts running through our heads. On days when we find ourselves obsessing about what should be, we need to take time out and give ourselves some TLC;  time out to regain our power.  As long as we keep remembering to act from within that space and face what is real ( that which is happening right here, right now) we will grow in wisdom.

Be kind to yourself

There are lots of inspirational quotes on Cynthia Occelli’s web site.



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