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THE LAW OF ATTRACTION and its relationship to CONTRAST – part 1

“Life is supposed to feel good to you” (Esther Hicks) and when it does not, we feel profoundly disappointed; blame others or question our self worth. Is there an explanation that might clarify what appears to be a contradiction?

According to the Hicks’, the story begins before our birth. This statement requires us to consider that human beings are not just physical entities; that we are both physical and non physical. Our non physical part (Life Force, Chi, Soul, Higher Self, Source Energy) exists in vibrational form. We are in constant communication with this vibrational aspect either consciously or unconsciously. This non physical Source Energy  records, modifies and holds in trust all our thoughts and desires for improvement in vibrational form. This non-physical part is governed by the Law of Attraction. This law is influenced by the calibre of our thoughts and by the amount of attention certain thoughts attract. It is inclusive so it accepts both positive and negative thoughts without question.

The Hicks’ suggest that the primary purpose of our earthly experience is for our, “…personal and collective expansion and joy” through the diverse relationships we experience with each other. From our non physical perspective, we knew that such diversity would mean contrast. Contrast can best be explained as ‘making comparisons by observing differences.’ We were to make choices distinguishing between wanted and unwanted aspects of observable behaviour and circumstance. Knowing what we did not want would clarify what we wanted.  The end result was to be  a unique life for each and every one of us.

This sounds fairly straight forward to this point until we begin to consider contrast and its implications. It is contrast that I want to explore in greater detail in this blog.

Contrast might also be described as variety which helps to keep life interesting and something that may provide a level of challenge. If circumstances were always the same, there would soon be a chorus of ,” This is boring!” Whilst we may value challenge and diversity in small doses (ones that only rock our boats gently) it is the bigger contrasts that cause us to grow and expand our consciousness and sometimes that of others. It is for this reason that dealing with and overcoming challenges serves not only us, as individuals, but group consciousness as well. Contrast is the tension between what is and what we think  aught to be and is usually beyond our control which most of us find very distressing. According to the Hicks’, contrast, no matter how it looks in any given moment, is contributing greatly to our expansion. Esther Hicks describes our irritation with contrast as follows, ” The things that we call ‘things going wrong’ in our life experience is only the distance between things that are so right and our current perspective about them.” So, if the contrast is, “…so right..” how come it feels so wrong?

As we began to live our physical experience, we seemed to forget the necessity of contrast as the main player in helping us make the choices that would ensure our own unique experience. As children, we were trained in ways that did not always feel good. We learned to have negative feelings about certain situations; we learned to see contrast as something bad; something to be avoided at all costs; something to resist. We were encouraged to consider agreement with our point of view as the only way of feeling comfortable and secure. We were rarely taught about the effect of thoughts on our well being. So it was not surprising that when we came across someone or something that rubbed us up the ‘wrong’ way, we reacted negatively. And herein lies the problem. The Law of Attraction does not differentiate between want and not-want (because desires/thoughts are equally received) but responds to the amount of attention being focussed on  either the wanted or the not wanted situation/thought. In other words, paying lots of attention to a negative thought seems to create more of it. We receive more of what we focus on. We need to realise just how much energy and attention we focus on ‘that thing we do not want’ because “ you cannot continue to keep alive within you vibrational patterns of what you do not want and receive what you do want. This defies the Law of Attraction.”

So, if you are asking/requesting a certain measure of well being or abundance from Source Energy, for example, but are complaining about how much of it you do not have right now- you are, by this action– preventing this well being from coming to you. The Hicks’ say that by complaining, you become ” the one uncooperative element” in this request.  Whoops!

The suggestion is that in order to see the well being we have asked for/thought about, we need to believe that it is possible, rather than, doubt that anything different can happen. “We’ll believe it when we see it,” is a phrase we have all used many times! In order to train ourselves to be the ‘cooperative element’, we need to make it our mission to ” look for and find things that feel good when we see them, hear them, smell them, taste them or touch them.” In other words, use every opportunity to enjoy the best of what we see around us here and now.” We need to use our feelings as the guidance system they were designed to be. Thoughts of appreciation are a match to the opening statement, ” Life is supposed to feel good to you.” As we change the direction of our thoughts, we become more and more a vibrational match to the well being we desire.

The Hicks’ maintain that, “If we could just accept that we have gathered together a huge Vibrational fortune that is ready for us to tap into as soon as we ‘ look’ in the direction of what we want and abandon complaining about what we do not want….then life would improve straight away.”


Whether you are convinced by the concept of a ‘vibrational fortune’ or not, there is no doubt that all of us have experienced the contrast provided by inter personal relationships and have grappled with the ensuing feelings of anger disappointment and blame. These difficult situations can either keep us stuck repeating the same behaviours, or the underlying issues/beliefs can be dealt with truthfully (what is REALLY going on here?) and with compassion providing the opportunity for self awareness and the expansion of consciousness. There is also plenty of evidence that when we give our attention to negative situations, we see more of them but when we focus on or appreciate or are grateful for what we have, it enriches our lives.

Be kind to yourself

Source : The Vortex where the Law of Attraction assembles all cooperative relationships, Esther and Jerry Hicks

Archived Blogs: How the Art of Appreciation Affects What We are able to Create

You Get What You Think About Whether You Want it or Not




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