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I came across the following prayer and thought I would share it with you.  I seem to remember that its origins are Buddhist but I am not absolutely sure. I liked it because it was simple yet meaningful. It seemed to be more of a reminder list for spiritual growth; a reminder to check in with our values; a reminder to create peace and contentment in our lives. See what you think.

  May my compassion for myself increase.

May my sense of being obstructed decrease.

May my wakefulness increase.

May I experience my fundamental wisdom.

May I think of others before myself.

At first, it might seem odd to be reminding ourselves to increase the level of compassion for ourselves. However, when we have little compassion for ourselves, we judge ourselves harshly. That harshness spills over to the people around us especially when they mess up. So an increase of compassion for ourselves means a kinder, more understanding attitude towards others.

‘Our sense of being obstructed’ is an interesting one. Under that heading we can put all the things that others do that annoy us or make us angry. Notice that the words are “my sense of being obstructed.”  What we are reading into the actions of others? With what interpretations are we tormenting ourselves? Our awareness is drawn to our  sense of being obstructed and it is that ( sense) rather than the actual thing that someone else has done that is causing the problem. It is a reminder to self to see ‘things’ differently; to be more tolerant.

The word ‘wakefulness’ suggests awareness. The more we are aware of what is happening in our consciousness and what drives our behaviour, the more ‘wakeful’ we become. The more open we are to examining our responses, the less reactionary we become, giving calmness a chance to come into our lives.

Each of us possesses fundamental wisdom. This is our anchor. We are centred in this place. This prayer reminds us to reconnect with the essential aspects of our well being and remain true to those.

Thinking of others before ourselves reminds us to care for others. There are times when the needs of others will take priority but this last line of the prayer does not suggest that we completely ignore ourselves. Ignoring ourselves would be an unbalanced stance  in relation to others.

May peace, tolerance and compassion find you where ever you are in your life.

Be kind to yourselves



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