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MANTRA- a useful tool

I am always on the look out for prayers that are meaningful to me.

Recently, I rediscovered a mantra in Jean Houston’s book, Godseed, The Journey of Christ, which appealed to me.

Most of us are familiar with the word ‘mantra’. Just to be clear, the dictionary defines this word to mean, ” a word, phrase or verse which is intoned often repetitively, containing a sacred meaning.”

This mantra can be sung. The tune is on page 77 of Jean’s book. Jean works/writes in the area of sacred psychology and presents workshops devoted to the journeys of transformation.  She refers to this mantra as the mantra of Identity because the aim of the mantra is to take us out of our everyday selves and connect us with ‘ the Depths’. Its aim is to help access our deeper story.  In other words, it is a spiritual exercise.

The mantra:

“It is perfect. You are loved. All is clear and I am holy”.

The explanation of the mantra is as follows:

“It is perfect” refers to the physical plane. When we look around, there is perfection in the natural world.

“You are loved” This is perfection on the plane of feeling. When we truly feel loved, we are secure in that knowledge.

“All is clear” refers to perfection in the realm of mind where clarity is the goal.

“I am holy” refers to perfection in the realm of essence/spirit.

This mantra reminds us that we are connected to a higher reality; that our search for this connection is not a human weakness but an instinctive need. Some might even suggest that it is programmed into our DNA. Kent Hoffman says, “I believe that our need for intimacy (love) is a manifestation of a Universe ready to meet it.” According to him, we are not alone but are surrounded by an Energy/Resonance that ‘holds’ all things within itself. It would follow that if we reach out to this Energy with love, it will be returned. In other words, this Energy/Resonance ‘loves’ all things it ‘holds’. By reciting this mantra we connect to this loving Energy. We pay attention to our spiritual selves. The busy-ness of everyday life often swamps such considerations so  making time to connect with this part of our Identity is easily lost or shelved.

This mantra can also be used in another way which may result in a deep connection to consciousness.

“It is perfect”, may be interpreted as accepting or acknowledging that wherever we find ourselves in life is ‘perfect’ as a stepping stone to change, to transformation, to a better understanding of ourselves and others. It may be a perfect time to stop and take stock; to take responsibility; a perfect time to be honest with ourselves; a perfect time to tell ourselves the truth as kindly as we can.

“You are loved.” This is our essential need. Most of us can improve on the way we feel about ourselves especially if we were not showered with love as we grew up. It can be a timely reminder to show ourselves some tenderness and kindness. I would encourage you to  try a little experiment with the phrase, ‘You are loved’, by emphasising a different word in this phrase every time you say it.

For example, begin by emphasising the word that is capitalised: YOU are loved; you ARE loved; you are LOVED. This is a loving suggestion so your tone of voice should reflect this. Reminding yourself that you are loved can be strangely comforting in stressful situations. Okay, so loved by whom, you might ask? We need to be there for ourselves. We need to be our own cheer squad; not in a conceited way but in a way that says ,”I have  your back. I am here for you, no matter what.” These statements speak to a sense of valuing and appreciating the self. When we truly experience our own value, we feel secure and dare I say, loved!  Are you game to try it?

“All is clear.” Clarity comes when we question habitual reactions and beliefs that are no longer serving us; when we give up on expecting life to be a certain way; the way we think it ‘aught’ to be; when we stop criticising ourselves mercilessly and are able to be-with our faults and failings exactly as they are. This is not about excuses and resignation but about truly accepting where we are at with compassion and kindness.

“I am holy.” I am taking a liberty with the word ‘holy ‘and having it mean ‘whole’ as in ‘whole in spirit’. Each of us is as whole as we can be at the present moment. That does not mean that we are not ‘works in progress’; that there is no more work to be done. It reminds us to keep the notion of wholeness/ holiness as our ultimate goal.

Connecting our lives to a deeper story has the effect of freeing us from our mundane concerns and irritations. Our lives become richer when we feel secure, clear and whole.

Be kind to yourselves

References: Kent Hoffman

Jean Houston


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