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If it was easy to release expectations, we would all be doing it, all the time; or as soon as we became aware that we were disappointed with someone. When … Continue reading

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Expectations can be motivating or can lead us into disappointment and pain.¬†When expectations¬†motivate us to study to get a better job; to change our diet to achieve optimum health; to … Continue reading

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In the last few days the issue of competence has come to my attention. Questions and statements like the following have surfaced: Am I competent enough? I am anxious about … Continue reading

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REVISITING the care and maintenance of our INNER WEALTH

Have you noticed how people tend to look after and value the things that are important to them and how they ignore or minimise the importance of things considered to … Continue reading

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THANK U an inspirational song by Alanis Morissette

I would encourage you to listen to the Alanis Morissette’s song entitled, Thank U. It can be found on YouTube. Its message is inspirational. Even though I’d heard this song … Continue reading

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THORN IN MY SIDE- the role of annoying people in our experience of contrast. Part 2

Last month I wrote about the experience of contrast and our general misunderstanding of the role it is ‘supposed’ to play in our lives. In this blog, I want to … Continue reading

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THE LAW OF ATTRACTION and its relationship to CONTRAST – part 1

“Life is supposed to feel good to you” (Esther Hicks) and when it does not, we feel profoundly disappointed; blame others or question our self worth. Is there an explanation … Continue reading

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